Who We Are

Lifestyle revolutionary Rich Goldstein is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, speaker, and CEO of Yoga Yoga, YogaSolve ™, and the Shanti Health Network. In 2007, he founded the Yoga Care Foundation. A sought-after expert in the fields of business, yoga, and the healthful-living movement, his work integrates the wisdom of Eastern and Western philosophies on health and well-being and is at the forefront of changes in healthcare and lifestyle. He is currently pursuing a Certificate in Public Health at the University of Texas in Austin.


Yoga and Mental Health Intern
Alison Riley is an Austin-based social worker who is interested in the neurological benefits of yoga. Originally from Indianapolis, she is a graduate of Mills College where she received her Bachelors of Psychology and the University of Texas where she received her Master of Science in Social Work. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and particularly enjoys Kundalini classes. Professionally, Alison’s professional focus is on finding alternative treatments for mental health and substance abuse. She is currently pursuing her LCSW, which she will complete in 2012.


Development and Qualitative Research Intern
Erin Henry is a master’s level social worker with a background in non-profit administration and development. She has worked in various non-profit settings with many different populations ranging from youth to the elderly. Erin’s passions are program development and evaluation and yoga. She is beginning Yoga Yoga Hatha Flow-Based Teacher Training in September 2011 and is looking forward to discovering ways to bridge yoga and social work.



Yoga Genome Project Intern
Joel Reese came to yoga looking for effective therapy after a car accident began to have debilitating effects on his health and well-being. What he found was much more than he bargained for and it set him down a path that he still walks today. Being a scientifically minded person, he strives to find the evidence behind the benefits and validate them not only through personal experience but measurable and verifiable results. He hopes to bring the beneficial effects of yoga and meditation into the spotlight of the medical and scientific communities. Joel holds a BS in Psychology and a BA in Communications from Texas State University and is looking to pursue graduate studies in Neurological research.

Writing Intern
Nikita Namjoshi is a freshman studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania where she also plans to become an active member of the university’s literary community. She has trained intensively in ballet, contemporary and jazz dance for eleven years, which has fostered a profound interest in yoga and healthy living. Nikita has traveled extensively to numerous countries with the intentions of cultivating an open-minded world view and a closer connection to her exceedingly diverse cultural heritage.