We invite all yoga researchers, teachers, therapists and studios to join our research efforts. We want to support the growth and interface between yoga and the healthcare services.

“Our goal is to have yoga be more in the mainstream, especially in healthcare professionals’ thoughts and awareness,” explains Rich Goldstein, CEO of Yoga Yoga and founder of the Yoga Care Foundation. “The more scientific data that is available about yoga and its benefits, the more doctors and other healthcare professionals can incorporate this ancient wellness tool into their recommendations for self-care. But first, they need to know yoga is safe and what yoga can do for their patients. With this class and the other work we are doing, we want to add to the very limited existing knowledge base of scientific research about yoga.”
We’re just getting started… check out our other studies:

With the University of Texas Kinesiology Lab, we are comparing cardiovascular health in experienced yoga practitioners (3+ years) and beginners just starting a yoga practice. Several variables, including body fat percentage, blood vessel health, and blood pressure are being measured.

We are developing and will be psychometrically validating a new questionnaire that will take a holistic approach to wellness and will provide a sound way to track health-supportive lifestyle changes over time.

In conjunction with a team of Harvard researchers, we have done some preliminary survey studies on the experiences, beliefs, motivations and barriers to individual yoga practice and how yoga can reduce stress for women.